Amber Palace

Amber Palace

Celebrate special events with elegance

Plan your special event at Amber Palace and make the day unforgettable for the whole life. Delight your guests with the warm welcome that will surely make them feel special.

We at Amber Palace, assign designated representatives who will enthusiastically on standby to address the requests or needs of your guests. Amber Palace offers a versatile indoor space that consists glass chandeliers, LED lighting, and built-in space. You can customize your event as per your preference.

Wonderfully decorated

Beautiful decoration and eye-catching artwork add more attractiveness to the place. Our professional designers have put all efforts to make this place elegant that proves to be a choice of every person who wants to celebrate in a contemporary style. Amber Palace is designed by considering the preferences of the people of different age groups.

Ultimate framework for special celebrations

Amber Palace is a suitable place for weddings, receptions, welcome parties, silver jubilee, and grand celebrations. We guarantee you to awe and inspire for the ultimate framework for your special event. One important factor makes our venue so attractive that is competitive prices. We offer you top level services within your budget. If you prefer to bring outside catering vendor of your choice, we don’t make an objection. We cooperate with you in every possible manner.

Cooperative team

Our professional team helps you on every step for arranging your celebrations. Charming surroundings make your moments more striking. You can give a personal touch to any setting as per your preferences.

You can discuss your package with our experts and let them know if you want additional services or want to personalize something. We ensure you to provide the best experience at Amber Palace.